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The Brief Introduction on channels
  News Channel releases news and publish opinions around the clock with a daily updating in Politics, Economy, Sci-Education, Society, Military Affairs, Sports and so on.
CYOL Education
  Education Channel provides many useful services to youth people who want to get much knowledge or higher degree in academic field.
CYOL International Education Channel
  Facing Chinese youth who want to go abroad for studying, International Education Channel provides information and instruction. At the same time, International Education Channel provides practical information for overseas students who want to study in China.
CYOL Study Tour Channel
  Cooperating with several famous travel agencies and the International Education Communication Center, Study Tour Channel launches many programs, such as ¡°Visiting Cambridge¡±, ¡°Experience Hong Kong¡±, for youth to widen their horizon and improve their English in different culture.
CYOL Career
  The object of Career Channel is to be a bridge between employers and job seekers. Within many years development, Career Channel has became a favorite and reliable website for many Chinese youth.

Still, has Training Channel, Books Channel, and Friends Channel. Based on these channels, provides multifariously helpful information on learning, training, career and other practical information to youth people.
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