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Home>Press Releases was award ¡°National Outstanding Cultural Website¡± in February 2004
  In February 2004, After more than 4 month¡¯s survey and competition, beat hundreds of outstanding websites, and had the honor to be entitled ¡°Nation¡¯s Outstanding Cultural Website¡± (culture and news media category). During this event, were surveyed among Internet users for their respective popularity and satisfaction rate. The survey, which had been carried out annually for the last 3 years, gained nation-wide attention when it took place the fourth time this year. Its aim is to ¡°guide the health development of the cultural and educational websites in China¡±. held a visual live consultation of study abroad from Sep. 6th, 2003 to Sep. 12th 2003
  Many Chinese youth who want to study abroad are not very familiar with the specific educational policy of foreign country and cultural backgrounds. Therefore, launches an Internet platform to let youth communicate with several Embassies¡¯ Culture Counselors online. After these consultation live programs, youth still can search and find all the communication information through the Internet visual live program.
Many overseas organizations have visited so far.
  Because of the reputation of, many overseas organizations have visited There are Australia Political Communication Council, Mongolia Youth delegation, Vietnam Youth Communication Union, Russia Chekhovian Union and so on. cooperated with Korean Embassy two times in 2002 and 2003
  As a major net info-provider, the CYOL¡¯s net popularity and Potential have long been recognized and evaluated by publics and by the industry. During August 2002, the CYOL and Korean Embassy worked together to advocate for the ¡°2002 Korean World Cup¡±, the campaign lasted for one month and achieved great success. In 2003, based on the former cooperation experience, the two partners cooperated again to start the ¡°Get to Know Korean¡± knowledge contest. The CYOL¡¯s power as a nation-wide net media was shown again: after its online advocating campaign, 13301 online replies were received by CYOL, accounting for 57% of the replies the event got in total.




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