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Brief Introduction of
China Youth On Line (CYOL) [ ] is the website of the China Youth Daily, which is the most authoritative newspaper for Chinese youth. The survey indicates the main readership of the China Youth Daily and CYOL is similarity: several hundred million students of universities and high schools in China.

Launched on 15th May 2000, CYOL is the first marketlized one among national mainstream media websites in China. As the biggest and most authoritative comprehensive website for young people, CYOL not only releases timely news, but also provides other services to Chinese youth as well

The objective of CYOL is to satisfy the requirements of universal youth people and provide multifariously helpful information on learning, training, career and other practical information to them. So far, CYOL runs 8 main channels of News, Education, International Education, Study tour, Career, Training, Books, and Friends. Within several years developing, CYOL has preliminarily established a comprehensive website pattern that integrates the four major platforms of news, information, business and communities into one body. Based on CYOL Club, CYOL makes very well use of interactivity of traditional media and On-line resources and advantages. With its own business strategy model, CYOL¡¯s access and browsing volume has reached 4,000,000 per day.

Presently, CYOL has obtained the ¡°License for publishing News Businesses¡± issued by the Press Office of the State Council; the ¡°License for Internet Education Information Services¡± issued by the Beijing Municipal Education Commission; the ¡°Filing for Business Websites¡±, the ¡°License for Network Advertisement Businesses¡± and the trademark registration certificate issued by the Beijing Municipal Industrial and Commercial Administration; and the ¡°License for BBS service¡± and ¡°BJ ICP Certificate for Internet Information Service ¡± issued by the Beijing Municipal Communication Administration.


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