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Internet advertising is an integration of traditional advertising and direct selling adverting. The vice-Presenter of America-Online said, the Internet advertisement is the integration of brand maintaining and information releasing, which help to fulfill the goods transaction at the same time. Internet advertisement has following characteristics.
Direction: Instead of decentralized clients of traditional media advertising, the Internet ads can reach the users according to their characteristics, such as region, hobby, time etc.
Interaction: Traditional media ads users passively accept the ads. However, in the Internet, users are able to initiative choose those information, which they are interested. Following the tipping of clients, the advertiser can know the effective of the ads timely and trace client¨s action.
Effectivity: Unlike normal traditional media ads that merely know the effective result after put all ads in, ads masters can adjust the ads content timely by the digital database of Internet ads, which can reduce the cost of ads and control the ads¨ direction better.
Enrichment: With multiple-media, Internet ads can deliver much information in audio, video, message and even more. It makes mass is personally on the scene of service.
Measurability: Basing on the previous data, Internet ads masters can make some forecast for the further ads direction.
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